We believe the creation of a perfectly well-balanced drink to be an art. As such, we have developed a Cocktail Conservatory that focuses on providing a series of entertaining and informative classes to our guests and aficionados of spirits and cocktails. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Cocktail Classes and Tastings....

Bourbon: with Jason Fackler

Fresh from a trip on Kentucky's Bourbon Trail, General Manager Jason Fackler passed on the knowledge he learned to a sold out class of Whiskey enthusiasts. Learning the basic rules to determine what makes a barrel aged whiskey classified as a bourbon, and tasting the differences between eight of them Mandarin Hide's First Step into it's Cocktail Class was a success.

Whiskey And Cigar

Gin: with Jon Harrel

Spirits Director Jon Harrell tasted and sampled his favorite spirit to a full house of Gin lovers. Starting with the origins of Gin with Holland's Genever and making his way towards the New Western styles popularized in recent years he explored all facets of the spirit mapping out in detail Gin's vast history.

gin tonic coctail

Hendricks: with Jim Ryan

Hendrick's own National Brand Ambassador Jim Ryan came into town for 2 Hendrick's Cocktail Classes. Using Hendricks in a variety of Cocktails from long summer sippers to tea infused punches, he showed both groups how easy to use and versatile Hendricks can be.

Gin tonic varied cocktails with lima cucumber and grapefruit and

Michter’s: with Master Distiller Willie Prat

Master Distiller Willie Prat tasted a crowd of standing room only participants at The Mandarin Hide through his entire line of Whiskies, Rye, American, Bourbon, and Sour Mash. Giving the crowd his notes and thoughts on process known only to him was a highlight of the day. The Mandarin Hide staff created 1 cocktail to best personify each spirit to display how easily mixed Michter's can be.


Angel’s Envy Cask Strength: with Wes Henderson

Son of Lincoln Henderson, Angel's Envy Mastermind and Creator, stopped by The Mandarin Hide on his National Tour promoting Angel's Envy Cask Strength Bourbon. After giving a brief overview of his late father's intentions with the brand and discussing a few plans for the future Wes fielded questions before sitting down to sign bottles and speak with individuals on any topic they wanted.

Whiskey On The Rocks